Meet the Players

No Ironman training can be done without support. During this year of training, I will have my share of wonderful people supporting and encouraging me as I go through the process of becoming an Ironman.  Here are a few of the key people who will be with me along the way.

I’ll start with Aimee. She will be my training and race partner. The one who I talked into this crazy idea of swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and running 26.2 miles in one day. We will encourage one another along this year of goal reaching. I met Aimee a couple of years ago at the pool. I probably would not have spoken to her if she had not had on an Ironman swim cap, I usually don’t like to bother people in the pool doing laps. But, I’m glad I did because we have turned out to be good for one another in training together and in friendship.

Next is Wendi, another training partner, but also a sister in Christ. We met as a result of her husband coming here to be a preacher at a local congregation. One thing people know about me is that if I hear you like to swim, bike, or run, I will probably be asking you if you would like to join us in training for a triathlon. Sometimes I get takers, most times not. Wendi took me up on it without any swimming experience at all. She bravely worked on it, and has completed a couple of sprint triathlons overcoming her fear of putting her face in the water. Now she’s hooked and we’ll be doing some of the shorter races together this summer as well as training.

Aimee and Wendi on a trainer ride.

David, Zoe, and Adam are my kids. They support me in various ways. David is an advertising major, he is helping me with my social media for this fundraising campaign. Zoe is one of my cheerleaders and helps around the house. Adam is the one who takes on  the extra yard work so that we don’t end up with an overgrown neglected yard because I’m training.

Then, there are the moral supporters among them Tami and Dan, our Ironman World Championship volunteering travel partners and friends, my parents who have supported me all my life in whatever I wanted to do, the women who join in training days periodically, and the friends who have no interest in triathlon, but just care about me in general and support this endeavor.

Finally, there is my number one fan, Denis, my husband of 27 years. He did his first Ironman last summer. I am so proud of him for his discipline in keeping balanced in home, job, and training so that nothing suffered loss. He came in 24th in his age group which is a pretty good showing for a first Ironman. He is giving me this opportunity to train and race, and will be there behind me all the way. He is the one who started me in triathlon, the one who will keep me grounded, and the one who will be waiting for me at the finish line.

This past week, I got in some good training and the sun came out for a couple of days. I am doing a sprint tri on Saturday, but I can tell I am not as ready as I would like to be. That’s okay, I will just go have some fun and see what I can do.

I am thankful for all the people listed above, for the people who have donated and for those who are sharing this blog and fundraising effort with their friends.


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