Oh, the Good Times We Had

Every year since 2012, I have organized teams to participate in a local triathlon. These teams were made up of family and friends who were not necessarily wanting to be triathletes, but enjoyed to either swim, bike, or run. The course was set out near a small college town and consisted of a 500 yard pool swim, a 17 mile hilly bike course, and a 5k flat run. The participants over the years have ranged in age from 10 (my son) to 71 (my mom), from the very fit, like Denis, to the guy who did his first training run the night before the race, something we have now titled, “The Chad Hewlett Method”. Every year, we have gotten out there on the course and had a wonderful time, usually having at least one team win their category. It has been one of the highlights of my season because so many people end up smiling and feeling good. We have never had an accident, or a flat tire, or rain.

The reason I am writing about it this year is because this race no longer exists. Like all good things, it has ended. My hopes to find a replacement race were dashed when we all signed up for a new one, but it was cancelled this year. It may be the end of an era. In memory of all the good times we had, I will add a few of videos from past years just because I am missing the fun of this spring time event.




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