Sunny Days

The sun has returned to Oregon and we have had some very lovely weather. The kind that makes me torn between getting yard work done and going for a nice long bike ride on country roads. Saturday, I managed to get in a little of both, a couple hours early on the bike with Aimee and Christine followed by a day of getting things done around the house.

Christine and Aimee on a beautiful Saturday ride.

Friday was my annual mammogram. I actually went out of my comfort zone this year and did not wait for an immediate reading of the images which I have done for the past nine years. I had actually set aside the time to wait because I know it can be as long as two hours sitting in the little lounge at the St. Vincent Breast Center while the images are examined, but my appointment was so early that when Greta, the technologist who took the images, said the doctor still had forty minutes before even getting started for the day, I decided that my time would be better spent working on other things rather than sitting and allowing my mind to wander into the land of “what if.” As I write this, I do not have any results because of the long holiday weekend. Surprisingly, I am okay with that and I have not given it much thought until now. That’s a good thing. So all you ladies reading this who are going through breast cancer treatment right now, do understand that it will not pervade your mind forever. It will fade into the background with time and only rear its ugly head for days like mammograms, MRIs, and check ups with the oncologist. For me, that is 3 times a year, fortunately, I really enjoy my oncologist as a person, so our visits are not much of a burden at all. I’ll tell you more about her another time.

Friendly technologist at Providence St. Vincent.

How is training actually going? I would say marginally well. Right now my goal is a half-iron distance race called Best in the West that will take place in September. I resurrected the plan from Training Peaks that I used for the half in St. George. It suits my needs. The coach is Matt Fitzgerald and the workouts fit well with my own personal schedule. My current issue is my own stubbornness. I had shoulder surgery back in November and because our yard is in need of so much work, I didn’t listen to it as I carried buckets of weeds that were heavier than my shoulder was ready to take. A small setback, but getting better. I have an excellent physical therapist who I sought out after a week of not being able to get my shoulder pain to calm down. She set me back on the right track.

This is graduation week! Zoe is finished and I have only one more homeschooler left. It will be a great celebration, a small ceremony with about 15 other homeschooled students. After that, I am officially on summer break. Yahoo! Homeschool moms may need them more than the kids!


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