Busy and Boring

I have failed to post over the past few weeks for two reasons: 1. My training was pretty loose and boring in the rainy days that were happening. 2. Life happens and we were fairly busy with graduation, parties, finishing up a project, Father’s Day, and a disgusting rat infestation that I will spare you the details except that 20 rats are now gone from our garage and we have not seen any sign of others in over a week so victory has been declared. (Thank you Orkin Man!)

Like I said, training has been a bit on the boring side since the weather has not cooperated a whole lot. I did manage a longish ride with Denis and Aimee. Swimming has been the worst of it as my shoulder took a little hiatus from being well and decided to get sore for a bit. I am better now and have returned to the pool, but am cautiously increasing my distance. I have signed up for two races in July. A sprint tri at a local lake that I really enjoy doing when I can. Last time, I set a PR for that venue. The second race is an Olympic distance race that I have been wanting to do for a few years called Rolf Prima Tri at the Grove. From time to time, Oregon professional triathletes will do this race as well, so it must be a good one. After that, August will be spent getting our daughter off to college and finishing up training for a local half ironman distance race in early September. Then it is focus on Ironman Texas. Registration opens next week and I intend to get mine done immediately. I am hoping it doesn’t fill up too quickly.

To update on my last post about my mammogram. All clear was the result. I wasn’t expecting anything less. Always thankful for that result. I am thankful for research and it is the reason I am doing this training and racing, to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. If you are a survivor, or know someone who is a survivor or who has succumbed to breast cancer, please leave your or their name in the comments section so I can add it to my list of people I am racing for. Also, a donation to the Foundation in their honor or memory would be put to excellent use by very smart people doing some amazing research to help women (and men) be survivors. Just click the donate button above.

Today, I am thankful for the sun returning.

My favorite riding partner, Denis. The only day of the year I will keep up with him. He hasn’t ridden in 5 months and I have. Next week, he’ll be riding laps around me as usual.

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