Camping, Training, and Other Stuff.

Summer is in full swing which for us means the annual camping trip to Honeyman State Park located in the Oregon Dunes. We have been doing this trip for around 15 years and it is a highlight of the summer. Our kids look forward to it every year. The weather was quite agreeable with no rain and nice temperatures. This is a camping trip like no other. I think there were around 50-60 people in and out all week. It involves one campsite designated as the cooking site where big camp grills are set up and the men do some major cooking. The week is full of activities like ATV riding, sight seeing, swimming, kayaking, playing on the dunes, and in the evenings we had field games for kids and this year was gameshow nights, so we had Match Game, Jeopardy!, and Let’s Make a Deal. Last year, we did our own version of Survivor. One of the best things about this group is zero drama. The kids don’t melt down and have disagreements and everyone really enjoys each other’s company.

Denis, Wendi, and I fit in some training throughout the week. I did some trail running which I rarely do, but is nice in the early morning at camp. We found a couple of great roads to ride on. The first, was with Wendi and it was a quick bit of flat 18 miles with no cars. The early morning ride took us along the beach dunes and out to a jetty. It was quiet and speedy. The second ride, later in the week with Denis, was also relatively flat, but along a river and back into the woods. We went from two lane roads to narrow roads, to a one lane road. After awhile, I started thinking about bears! I was having a great time and we were doing a nice clip, but about three miles from the finish, my tire blew. Not a puncture, but a real blow out that could not be repaired on the side of the road. Denis rode the 3 miles back to our car and came and picked me up. Fortunately, there was quite a bit of shade, so I was fine. Denis and I also took a swim in a nearby lake. One that we had not been to before. It was cold, but we got a mile and half swim in and I thought some great practice for my upcoming race the next weekend at Tri at the Grove.

However, that race was not meant to be. Midweek after our return, my dad was hospitalized and in need of a triple bypass, so I gave up my bib to be nearby instead of a couple hours away on a race course. His surgery was successful and he is recovering.

I am sure there is more that has happened over the past few weeks, but time has slipped past me to write about them. As far as fundraising goes, the Tri at the Grove race director was kind enough to allow me to have my information cards at packet pick up. Since I couldn’t go, Wendi took them for me. (I also heard she had a great race!)

Please make a donation today. Just click on the donation link above. I am making training progress and would like to see those donations make progress too.

Today, I am thankful for good friends, good times, and good doctors.




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