The First Names On My List

Welcome. I hope you are here because you have just made or are thinking of making a donation to my Breast Cancer Research Foundation campaign. I also hope that you are here to follow my journey as I train to complete Ironman Texas. You can read more about me and why I am doing this in the About section of this blog. Today, I want to highlight the first person on the list of names that I will carry through the race and across the finish line, Lenora Edwards. Lenora was a sweet, quiet woman and one of the first people to reach out to me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. She had been through her own cancer trial and gave of herself to help me through my own. In 2012 her cancer came back. For two years, this sweet woman spent her time fighting cancer and trying to do things for others. She sewed a lot. Many of her friends have little reminders of her from gifts she sewed for us. My particular gift was a couple of corn bags that I can keep in the freezer to ice any necessary sore spots. She was a thoughtful woman. I had the privilege of being one of her regular drivers to her appointments, and to just hang out with her at times. She had a great sense of humor and even in her last hours, she still showed it. I was there when she died, along with her family, and several friends she held dear. It was an honor to be included in her final moIMG_0236 - Version 2ments. I know she is missed by many people. I know your loved ones are missed too. This is why I will do an Ironman and raise money, so researchers can continue to work on this complicated disease and find ways to keep people alive and thriving and we don’t lose friends like Lenora. Lenora, you are at the top of my list. ┬áThe next 6 spots go to the women in the video on my fundraising page. Jean, Ronna, Chantel, Lori, Donna, and Marian. I tri for you. I tri for us.